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  • 3-piece set in cherry flower pegs design holds heavy wet clothes

  • Mug volume capacity: 0.25 l

  • Capacity Jug 0.5 L

  • Bone China quality

  • Shamila tea for one - Cherry Blossom with pot: 0.5 L, Cup: 0.25 litres, bone china. Now you flowers what: in the Japanese culture Genießet the cherry blossom a special important role: they symbolise a same time beauty as well as their transience while marking the start of spring. With our service that we're first this year with it's own, fresh and modern design to your house überwiegt making beauty.... but at a fraction of the cost. If you don't Elephant as a pets last, you need order not to fear the longevity of the tea and can at any time of the Fünfuh tea locked in its personal cherry blossom.

    'Cherry Blossom' Shamila Tea for One Set - B00THFTOK6

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