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  • Net Weight: Set: 400 grams.

  • Specification: Gaiwan*1PC Length: 90mm Width: 90mm Height: 85mm Capacity:120ml,

  • Specification: Cups*2Pcs Length: 63mm Width: 63mm Height: 32mm Capacity:40ml,

  • Grade:AAAAA+

  • Material:Longquan celadon,

  • This tea set consists 1Pc Gaiwan and 2Pcs cups, This Gaiwan consists of a bowl lid and saucer. The lid allows the tea to be infused right in the bowl and either be drunk right from the bowl, or decanted into another container. This Gaiwan is suitable for all kinds of tea, It's open and glazed surfaces: the former allows the tea to be viewed while brewing, and the latter prevents altering of the flavor and aroma of the tea during brewing. Gaiwan is considered by many tea connoisseurs to be the preferred method for brewing teas with delicate flavors and aromas. Longquan celadon is a celadon-glazed porcelain made at Longquan and neighbouring counties in the province of Zhejiang, China. The first making of Celadon in Longquan begins in the Jin Dynasty (265-376 A.D). The Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127 A.D), an important period in the history of Chinese porcelain, saw a blossoming in the production and appreciation of Longquan celadon wares. By the Southern Song period and the Yuan Dynasty (1127-1368 A.D), Longquan celadon entered a most prosperous period during which the skill of making celadon had reached a new height and gradually formed a comprehensive celadon kiln system centering on Longquan town. Longquan Celadon has two types, say, Ge Kiln and Di Kiln (Ge means elder brother and Di means younger brother in Chinese). The former together with Ru Kiln, Jun Kiln, Guan Kiln and Ding Kiln are recited as Five Famous Kilns in Song Dynasty. Famous worldwide, Longquan celadon was not only used for every dynasty's royal courts in ancient China, but exported to many other countries and regions of Asia, Africa and Europe early since the Song Dynasty. 

    Chinese GongFu Tea Longquan celadon 3D Fish Gaiwan teacup teapot Set (Gaiwan*1Pc+Cups*2Pcs) - B00S2KMS4G

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