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  • ◆Cool your wine or drink immediately without dilution.

  • ◆ The perfect gift for beer/beverage lovers. Suitable for home, bar, club, party server.

  • ◆ Complete food grade products, from shell to interior. Made of 304 stainless steel and edible alcohol and purified water, it is reusable, environmentally friendly and safe to use.

  • ◆ whiskey stones, not ice, but far more than it, except that it can not melt! Cool your drink in minutes and keep cool.

  • ◆ The edges of the cube are rounded to prevent scratches. The item can be placed directly into the drink.

  • Color: Silver
    Outer material: edible 304 stainless steel shell
    Internal materials: Edible ethanol + purified water mixture
    Size: 36*29*22 mm per ice
    Shape: Heart Shape

    how to use:
    1. Rinse stainless ice cubes.
    2. Refrigerated drinks are placed in the refrigerator 4 hours before use.
    3. Take 1 to 3 gem cooled beverages and let stand for 5 minutes or longer.
    4. Rinse the used gems and return them to the freezer.

    1. Rinse and air dry stone after each use.
    2. The stainless steel cube is stored in the freezer next time.
    3. Rinse thoroughly before using for the first time.
    4. Do not chew or ingest and remove it in time.
    5. Do not use as a toy. Please tell your child.

    Lshky 6 Pcs Heart Shape Ice Cube Stone Metal 304 Stainless Steel Reusable Drink Coolers Whiskey Stones Cool Your Drinks Without Diluting Them Chilling Rocks Storage Box For Cooling Wine Beer Beverage - B07F2NBW36

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