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  • Extra-Fine Mesh. Say good-bye to debris in your tea! Ultra fine mesh ensures a particle free steeping, advanced filtration. The fine mesh allowing for finer tea does not fall apart and stay pretty even when leaving tea in it overnight. No extra filters or tea bags are needed.

  • The infuser itself is very well made from Stainless Steel and features a removable lid. This product exudes quality being immaculately polished and the perforations are so fine the sides are almost see through yet they are strong and rigid.

  • The infuser's "wings" are wide enough for nearly all cups plus they don't get too hot in use. The infuser fits cups with openings between 2.32-4.13 inches and are at least 2.6 inches tall.

  • The perforations in the body of the infuser are small but there are lots of them. There are sufficient perforations to allow the free passage of liquid through the infuser whilst preventing the finest of granules/tea leaves from escaping. The resulting brews have been universally good.

  • The lid is handy too as it doubles as a stand for the infuser when you remove it from the cup, plus, it also prevents heat loss whilst the tea is brewing. The unit is dishwasher safe and doesn't seem to stain plus comes with a 6 months money back pledge if you're not satisfied.

  • Are you an elegant tea drinker? What's your trouble with drinking tea? As we know, everyone prefer loose tea to bagged tea because it is usually fresher.
    You may tried many different types of infusers, but they all tend to let a few bits fall into your tea that make it less than amazing.
    Be careful, OUNONA Tea Infuser helps you enjoy the complete tea experience now! This tea infuser is awesome and solve all the problem you get before!

    OUNONA Tea Infuser Features:
    - It's properly sized. They are large enough for a teapot-size worth of tea, but also small enough to fit into any cup you might want to use.
    - This handy little infuser is light enough to pack when going away, easily remove it from your pot or mug. You can also use it as a strainer when pouring tea from a pot holding loose tea.
    - A pretty OUNONA Tea Infuser. It has a nice large basin and super fine holes in a sturdy stainless steal construction.
    - Setting up and cleaning up are a breeze. Simply fill the basket with the tea as you like, give the top a quick twist and let it steep! Dishwasher safe or wash by hand simply rinse under running water. Super easy!

    What Can You Achieve with OUNONA Tea Infuser?
    - Nice gift! Look classy and sleek design. Well made and built to Last.
    - To be the most sophisticated, elegant tea drinkers.
    - No more tea grit in your cup! They keep the tea leaves from getting out totally, even the most fine blend of tea has little to no debris when using these infusers.
    - OUNONA Tea Infuser makes it so easy to do the perfect tea every time with just three simple steps! Measure the tea, water steep, remove the infuser.

    OUNONA Tea Strainer Tea Infuser 304 Stainless Steel with Lid for Loose Leaf Grain Tea Cups Mugs and Pots - B06VXXCL6J

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