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  • ♥【Natural stone making】Kungfu tea tray is made of Wujinshi, The stone is dense and delicate, the color is black and bright, the curve is smooth, and the quality is restrained, Calm.

  • ♥【Super texture】 Stone Kung Fu tea tray looks solemn and serious, more reflects its texture and reflect the taste.

  • ♥【Experience Life】 allows you to take out delicate tea trays/tea sets in your busy life, carefully tea and taste your life, making your heart more quiet, stable and more enjoyable.

  • ♥【Drainage is convenient】 This kungfu tea tray design uses a tilt drop, tea can automatically flow into the drain hole position, not easy to accumulate water, drainage is smooth.

  • ♥【Long service life】The natural stone tea tray can be used for decades, It is very strong and durable, It can carry your beautiful look and moisturize your life.

  • Size:80x35x3cm

    Product Name: Natural stone Kung Fu tea tray, Chinese Kung Fu tea art tea tray, let you know how to make tea and experience tea culture.

    >Style: Vintage natural style

    >Product Name: Kung Fu Tea Tray

    >Model: Chinese Kung Fu Tea Tray

    >Material: Stone (Wujinshi)

    >Color: Black


    * 60x30x3cm (23.6x11.8x1.18 inches)

    * 70x30x3cm (27.5x11.8x1.18 inches)

    * 80x35x3cm (314x13.7x1.18 inches)


    【Product advantages】:

    ♥【Drainage is very convenient】The design of this kung fu tea tray adopts the inclined type, and the tea leaves can automatically flow into the drainage hole position, which is not easy to accumulate water and the drainage is smooth.

    ♥【Long service life】The natural stone tea tray can be used for decades and is very durable, which can bring beauty and nourish your life.



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    ♣ only sell kung fu tea tray, other items are props;

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    Tea tray Chinese Kung Fu tea tray/tea table black Wujin stone tea tray square household stone tea table/tea tray Japanese tea tea set stone tea set tea sea (Size : 80x35x3cm) - B07HFVPD9X

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