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  • FINE PORCELAIN: Better temperature preservation, retaining the temperature longer than a standard espresso cup. Up to 6°C warmer after 3 minutes of dispensing.

  • AROMA CHAMBER: Concentrates and intensifies aroma profiles. The unique chamber acts to oxygenate, extract and enhance all of the aromas of the coffee, from the most delicate and hidden to the less volatile.

  • ENHANCED ERGONOMICS: Specifically designed without a handle for improved control and fusion between the hand and the cup.

  • CONCAVE BOTTOM: Prevents the espresso crema from breaking when dispensed.

  • UNIQUE PATENTED DESIGN: Designed by Lluis Saula, Master Roaster & Sommelier from Café Saula, a family-owned coffee roasting company based in the Spanish city of Barcelona who have been producing some of the very best coffee in Europe for over 65 years.

  • Why the Sommelier Cup?

    Velvety, smooth, intense, fruity, balanced: These are just some of the adjectives commonly used to describe wine. They also apply equally well to the description of coffee, and much like wine some of the most complex flavour profiles can be found in coffee.

    Espresso coffee is one of the most aromatic drinks in the world. And whilst a fine wine would be out of place in anything other than an appropriate wine glass, espresso the world over is drunk in cups designed more for efficiency as opposed to maximizing the taste experience.

    It was on this premise that Lluis Saula set out to create a cup that would help coffee connoisseurs take their appreciation of coffee to the next level. As a Master Roaster, he wanted a cup that would heighten the aroma and taste of any coffee, no matter what origin, bean or blend. A cup designed to improve the perception and enjoyment for amateur and professional coffee lovers alike.

    Made using fine porcelain for better heat retention, its concave bottom ensures the crema is not broken when pouring. The chamber at its heart oxygenates, extracts and enhances all of the aromas of the coffee, from the most delicate and hidden to the less volatile. Specially designed without a handle for better control and fusion between the hand and cup, its 30ml capacity reflects the correct measure for a serving of espresso.

    The end result is a unique and complete espresso coffee tasting experience. One where you will appreciate the flavour, acidity and body of your coffee more than ever before!

    The 'Taza Sommelier' Set

    The set includes 4 White Fine Porcelain Sommelier cups and saucers in a beautiful presentation box, together with a comprehensive 15 page 'Coffee Cupping and Tasting Guide' to help you perfect the art of espresso cupping, the tasting technique used to evaluate the aroma and flavour profile of a coffee.

    Café Saula Sommelier Espresso Cups Set of 4 Porcelain Coffee Cups with Saucers White Includes Detailed 15 Page Coffee Cupping Guide - B01MYA0IZH

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